The CURTA watch 

Swiss craftsmanship in the unique CURTA design.

The CURTA watch and its creation

  • 2015 - Mathias Schneider opens an independent Swiss watch workshop
  • 2016 - CURTA spare parts warehouse takeover and opening the CURTA Service Center  
  • 2018 - Registration of trademark rights by the 
    M. Schneider watch workshop 
  • 2018 - 2020 Development of the CURTA watch 
  • 2020 - 2021 Production of the first CURTA watch prototypes in the own workshop
  • 2022 - Distribution of the limited edition of 75 units CURTA watch 
  • 2023 - Release of the «CURTA Kalender» in stainless steel, PVD gold and PVD black 

2023 - Release of the «CURTA Kalender» 

We are pleased to launch the «CURTA Kalender» - following the successful launch of the first CURTA watch. The «CURTA Kalender» is limited to a total of 300 pieces and available in three color variants (black 50 pieces, gold 50 pieces and stainless steel 150 pieces).

The engraved scale ring as a manual annual calendar is an interesting additional element that makes this special CURTA watch even more unique. The use of adjustable CURTA comma sliders to manually set the date, month and day of the week shows the attention to detail and dedication to the original CURTA calculating machine.

The «CURTA Kalender» watch is an impressive successor model that both commemorates the history of Curt Herzstark and his invention and is a fascinating and functional accessory for the modern watch enthusiast. 

2022 - CURTA’s 75th anniversary 

To honor the inventor Curt Herzstark and his life’s work, we have invested a lot of time during the last 4 years into creating a CURTA watch, which is similar in design and operation to the CURTA calculator. A simple dial with CURTA's own calendar, as well as 6 original CURTA components (2 comma slides with spring and ball). This represents an interesting supplement of the CURTA calculator for collectors and enthusiasts. It was also our ambition to produce the watch parts, to the greatest extent possible, using structurally identical machines to the ones Curt Herzstark himself would have used (e.g., Aciera F3, Schaublin 102, Astoba UW1). The matching aluminum can must not be forgotten, which we had replicated in Switzerland from the original can. It can be used for both the watch, as well as for a Curta II. 

The case, crown and buckle feature the structure (knurling) typical of Curta. As such, the CURTA look on both the dial and the watch as a whole correspond to the original template. 

Limited edition of 75 copies 

With the CURTA watch, we honor the 75th anniversary of the ingenious inventor Curt Herzstark, who dedicated his entire life’s work to his calculator. We are convinced that the continuation of his life’s work will also similarly inspire the new generation of precision engineering enthusiasts. 

CURTA Service Center Switzerland & watch workshop

The M. Schneider watch workshop was opened in 2015 in Bülach. Thanks to the extensive machine park and watchmaking knowledges, many spare parts can be manufactured in house. In addition to the CURTA service, clocks and wrist watches in particular are revised and precision mechanical parts are manufactured. This exciting work on mechanical timepieces demonstrates that, even in the past, design and manufacture were performed with the highest level of perfection. This is why the ingenious CURTA calculator is - now more than ever - a cult object among enthusiastic fans worldwide. 

Manufacture of the © CURTA watch - made in Switzerland 

Most of the components of the CURTA watch are handmade in our workshop. Very few elements were commissioned from selected partners in Switzerland and Germany. The following picture gallery will provide you with some insights into the different manufacturing processes used during the production of the watch.